July 1, 2024, 10:01

Media Center Ukraine partners with Suspilne and relocates

Media Center Ukraine is launching a partnership with the Suspilne Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine as part of the joint project, Suspilne Space. Beginning in July, Media Center Ukraine will be based in Urban Space 500, a comfortable public venue located at 9 Hrinchenko St. in Kyiv. From now on, all events will take place there.

The partnership with Suspilne will bring forth new opportunities, leveraging its extensive resources in television and radio broadcasting, a robust regional network, and influential digital platforms. 

Media Center Ukraine remains committed to its current activities, including hosting briefings, public and private meetings, discussions, and debates. It will also maintain support services for both foreign and Ukrainian media. The Producer Department will continue to develop compelling new stories and topics while consistently expanding the Photobank library with regular updates. 

Supporting civil society and contributing to Ukraine’s recovery and restoration efforts will underpin the new priorities for Media Center Ukraine. We plan to broaden our array of products and services to include training sessions, mentoring, and private discussions. The Media Center team will assist NGOs in organizing events and providing media support.

This partnership between Media Center Ukraine and Suspilne is rooted in shared values: freedom of speech, openness, and a responsible approach to information. The new cooperation format will enable creative solutions and effective strategies to convey the truth about the war in Ukraine.

Media Center Ukraine will also continue to work on flagship projects important to the community, such as the Black Sea Security Conference and Redkolegia.

Founded in March 2022, Media Center Ukraine is a civic initiative dedicated to supporting the media and independent journalists in covering the war waged by russia against the Ukrainian people. The Media Center operates in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Read more: https://mediacenter.org.ua/news