Information a Foreign Journalist Who Starts Working in Ukraine Needs to Know

1. How to obtain accreditation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine? Back

Currently, martial law is in effect in Ukraine; due to this, security measures throughout the country have been tightened. The accreditation by the Ministry of Defense is an obligatory condition for the work of any reporter, regardless of the region.

Without this document, you are not permitted to take photos or video footage in public venues and during the curfew.

Please complete the form on the Ministry of Defense website and submit supporting documents to apply for accreditation.

The average waiting time is 3 days. Please check if the form was filled out correctly and resubmit documents if you have not received a reply within three days.

2. What may not be filmed in Ukraine? Back
  •         strategic facilities, such as airports, oil tank farms, gas pipelines, power plants
  •         military facilities
  •         checkpoints
  •         military equipment and its plate numbers
  •         military and law enforcement personnel.

 Please follow these links in English and Ukrainian for more details about the restrictions.

! Any information about missile or artillery strikes (actual explosion locations or city views at the time of the explosion) may only be filmed and published after the local government has announced the information.

3. Where can I find protective gear? Back

Media Center Ukraine does not issue protective gear to foreign journalists.

If you plan to visit the combat area, please take care of your protective gear (a helmet, a body vest, etc.) in advance and bring it with you.

Otherwise, you can request protective equipment by contacting a unit of Reporters Without Borders at +380638085883 (WhatsApp, Olga) and sending an e-mail to [email protected]

In your e-mail letter, please specify:

  • information about all members of the film crew
  • the shooting date and location
  • the protective equipment you need.

You can get the protective gear at:

  • 39 Pushkinska St., Kyiv
  • 32 Rynok Sq., Lviv

You will have to sign a loan agreement and submit accreditation by the Ministry of Defense, a press card, a letter from your publisher (for freelancers), and an identity document to receive the protective equipment.

4. Where can I obtain the true information about the course of fighting in Ukraine? Back

Every day, the sites of Media Center Ukraine host press briefings by representatives of state authorities, military, and civilian figures. You can view these briefings live on our website and YouTube channel.

You can find a list of reliable sources offering information about the war in Ukraine in English here.

You can track all events related to the war in Ukraine on this map.

5. How can I join the community of foreign journalists in Ukraine? Back

You can meet colleagues in co-working facilities of Media Center Ukraine in Lviv (32 Rynok Sq.), Kyiv (8/16 Khmelnytskoho St.), Kharkiv (4 Svobody Sq.), Odesa (1/20 Marazliivska St. Chornomorets Stadium).

You can join shared chat channels of Media Center Ukraine on Telegram (app store, google play) (please message chat administrators at @Belau98 or @SudakSvitlana on Telegram or +380999767855 or +380673782151 on WhatsApp).

6. Where can I find a local field producer (fixer)? Back

If you need the assistance of a local field producer in Ukraine, please get in touch with Svitlana at +380673782151 for recommendations.

7. What are the correct spellings of Ukrainian cities and regions? Back

Kyiv not Kiev
Kharkiv not Kharkov
Dnipro not Dnepr
Donbas not Donbass
Odesa not Odessa

You can find more information about communicating about Ukraine correctly here.

You can find a media kit prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here.

8. What is the best way to get to Lviv or Kyiv? Back

Rail is Ukraine’s fastest and safest mode of transport during the war. You can buy your tickets at a ticket counter or online. Trains depart from Lviv to Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities every day. UZ, the state-owned railway company, offers a number of international routes, for instance, via Poland (Przemyśl).

9. How to keep safe while in Ukraine? Back

In Ukraine, a curfew is in effect during martial law. The curfew starts and ends at different times in different regions; however, in most oblasts, it starts at 11:00 PM and ends at 5:00 AM. You are advised to stay at your residence during the curfew (unless you are on your way to/from the bomb shelter during the air raid alert).

When you hear the air raid alert siren, please proceed to the nearest bomb shelter (find out where it is located in advance); if there is no bomb shelter nearby, please stay as far from windows as possible or find a space separated from the outside by two walls.

To stay informed about air raid alert sirens and all-clear signals, please download an app (app store, google play) and select the appropriate region.

Please follow up-to-date and accurate information on our social media:



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t.me/lvivmediacenter Lviv

t.me/kharkivmediahub  Kharkiv


If any of your questions remain unaddressed, please call us:

+38 067 652 91 97 in Lviv

+38 091 481 00 04 in Kyiv