Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
March 27
12:00 PMKYIVOlha Lototska-Kolesnichenko, documentarian of the Ukraine 5 AM Coalition;
Oleh Kolesnichenko, documentarian of the Ukraine 5 AM Coalition;
Kateryna Rashevska, expert at the Regional Center for Human Rights;
Lyubov Smachylo, analyst of the Media Initiative for Human Rights (online);
Presentation of the analytical report “Imposition of russian citizenship on Ukrainians in occupied Ukrainian territories and russia”

Topics of focus:
– What methods does russia use to impose russian passports on the Ukrainian population in the occupied territories?
– What norms of public international law is russia violating by imposing russian passports and citizenship?
– What are the consequences of forcing russian passports and citizenship on residents of temporarily occupied territories?
– How does Ukrainian legislation assess the legal status of those who were forced to obtain russian passports under pressure?
1:30 PMKYIV Ilona Sologub, Scientific Editor, member of the Editorial Board at VoxUkraine NGO (online);
Discussion entitled: “Combating corruption in Ukraine: a change in attitude, gamification, cooperation”

– Presentation of the results of the study on how information shapes Ukrainians’ perception of corruption:
Taras Sluchyk, Team Leader of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) “Integrity Cities” component;
Svitlana Slipchenko, Deputy Executive Director of VoxUkraine NGO, Head of VoxCheck;
– Serhii Yatsyk, local consultant for the EUACI, Adviser at Zhytomyr City Administration for publicity, accountability and prevention of corruption (online);
Anastasiia Mazurok, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Department, Transparency International;
Denys Bihus, Editor in Chief at Bihus.Info;
Panel 1. Perception of corruption by Ukrainians and its prevalence
Viktoriia Ahapova, Deputy Project Manager for Reform Index, VoxUkriane NGO;
Dmytro Syrotyuk, methodologist, Ukrainian Leadership Academy;
Anna Borodina, child and family psychologist, certified trainer;
Alona Khylko, Project Manager at the Integrity Office of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention;
– Panel 2. Cooperation with youth to foster virtuous practices
11:00 AM KHARKIV-Oleh Shchyrskyi – Deputy Head of the Recruitment and Manning Department of the Manning Sector of the Kharkiv Military Commissariat, Major-Briefing: “Military service under contract. How to conclude a contract for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Advantages of military service under the contract”

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