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March 29
11:00 AMKYIVIhor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine;
Lada Bulakh, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chair of the Sub-Committee on Epidemic Safety, Combating HIV/AIDS and Socially Dangerous Diseases of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Public Health, Medical Assistance and Medical Insurance;
Yana Terleieva, Head of the Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Department of the Public Health Center;
– Heads of phthisiology and pulmonology centers;

All in person.
Briefing entitled: “Effective treatment of tuberculosis: which modern treatment methods are free and available to patients in Ukraine”

Topics of focus:
– What services are free for patients?
– How to get treatment for patients who moved to another region (IDPs) or went abroad?
– How much has the length of treatment in a medical institution shortened over the past two years?
– The role of the family doctor in the fight against tuberculosis – how innovations are implemented in practice.
– New legislative initiatives and implementation of an interdisciplinary approach to combating tuberculosis.

Why this is interesting:
The worldwide tuberculosis incidence has increased by almost 4% within a year. The tuberculosis death rate in Europe is increasing after being on a downward trend for almost 20 years, reports the WHO. Medical experts attribute the main reasons to insufficient levels of vaccination among children and difficulties related to early diagnosis of the disease during the COVID-19 pandemic (due to similar symptoms, people did not immediately turn to doctors).

In 2023, 19,800 cases of active tuberculosis were registered in Ukraine, 639 – among children under 14. Treatment for patients is free of charge, the most modern methods of treatment and diagnostics are available allowing for a shorter period of treatment, which decreased from 2 years to 9 months.
12:00 PM KYIVOleksandr Kharchenko, Director at the Energy Industry Research Center (in person);
Hostile strikes on the DniproHES and a number of Ukraine’s power grid facilities: consequences for the industry and recovery
1:00 PMKYIV– Dmytro Solomchuk, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of Verkhovna Rada’s Agrarian and Land Policy Committee (online);Spring sowing campaign: plans and current challenges

Topics of focus:
– Start of the spring sowing campaign;
– Agricultural land and priorities in crops;
– Polish border blockade and the consequences for Ukrainian farmers;
– Lending and assistance to agribusiness in 2024;