Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
June 22
11:00 AMODESAAlla Stoyanova, director of the department of agrarian policy, food, and land relations of the Odesa regional military administration (in person); 

Topics of focus:

– How is the sowing campaign progressing in Ukraine and in Odesa region – specifics of this year;
– Will there be a shortage of certain products in Ukraine?
– How the state supports farmers;
12:00 PM

ODESADmytro Pastukhov, head of the “Yedyni” (United) volunteer project (in person);

Topics of focus:

– Information and technical support for volunteers;

More info: “United. The project is divided into two parts: Yedyni.Vo and Yedyni. Global. With Yedyni. VO, volunteer organizations can get their own ready-made and well-thought-out chatbot that will improve management within the organization. And Edyni. Global is a system that combines all existing chatbots to speed up the provision of assistance to people as much as possible, as well as help little-known volunteer organizations gain or improve their reputation.
01:00 PMODESARuslan Shchipun, founder, chief physician and leading surgeon of the Tarus Laser Vision Correction Center (in person);

Serhii Shchipun,
co-founder and director, chief physician of the “Tarus” laser vision correction center, candidate of medical sciences, member of the European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons ESCRS (in person);
Topics of focus:

– Assistance to the Odesa ophthalmology center that was damaged during missile attacks on June 14;  
02:00 PMODESAMaya Nikolaieva, first vice-rector of Odesa national university (in person);

Yevhen Yurash, head of the student professional committee of Odesa national university (in person);

Topics of focus:

– Admission Campaign 2023 under martial law; 
– Student self-organization: assistance to residents of Kherson, Polytechnic, evacuated residents of the affected areas;
11:00 АMKYIV– Tetyana Katrychenko, the MIHR coordinator;
– Maria Klymyk, investigative journalist at the MIHR;
– Andriy Yakovlev, lawyer and expert with the MIHR;
– Iryna Latysh, a prisoner of war relative;
– Nataliia Yepifanova, head of the “Warrior’s Liberation” public organization, a relative of a prisoner of war.

In-person attendance of all participants.

Presentation of analytical material: “From Bryansk to Irkutsk: what happens to Captive Ukrainian behind the Walls of Russian Prisons”

Why is it interesting?
During the event, experts of the Media Initiative for Human Rights (MIHR), a member of the Ukraine 5AM Coalition, will present an analysis of the places and conditions of detention of Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russia.

Based on interviews with service members released from captivity, the Media Initiative for Human Rights identified and mapped 42 places of detention of prisoners of war on the territory of Russia. These are pre-trial detention centers and penal colonies. The public organization describes ten of them in detail in new analytical material. These are the places where the highest number of prisoners of war are held and where a large number of war crimes are committed.

Having analyzed the collected evidence, the MIHR determined the systematic nature of the policies and methods of treatment towards Ukrainian prisoners used by Russia. They are common in all places of detention. In particular, these include inadequate conditions of confinement, physical and mental torture, poor nutrition and low quality, and sometimes total lack of medical care.
1:10 PMKYIV– Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group (online)

London Ukraine Recovery Conference: Reforms and Solutions for the steel industry

Topics of focus:
– London Ukraine Recovery Conference: support for the steel industry, prospects, and solutions;
– Interest of foreign partners in Ukrainian steel production.