Andrii Sirchenko, Museum Co-Founder, Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform
March 27, 2023, 14:55

With artifacts of war, we want to show that what’s happening in Ukraine today is a tragedy and genocide — Co-Founder of War Fragments Museum

Over the past nine months, the War Fragments Museum is a virtual museum that has collected 300 incredible stories of real people from all regions of Ukraine. These stories shed light on the events in Ukraine and have a charitable purpose.

Andrii Sirchenko, Museum Co-Founder, made this statement during the presentation of the project at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Our task is to find and record stories that we might never hear or see otherwise. With our work and project, we wanted to shed light (on these events) and show what is really happening in Ukraine, and why it really is a tragedy and a genocide.”

Andrii Sirchenko noted that some of the project artifacts will be displayed in certain museums, and the first part will arrive at the National Art Museum of Ukraine in mid-April.

In addition, the founders of the project aim to be charitable, particularly by supporting the children of fallen soldiers and residents of the regions affected by the war

“Each of these artifacts can be purchased on our website, and an auction will be held in a week,” — the co-founder of the Museum added.

For reference: The War Fragments Museum is a virtual museum functioning as an online platform that can be accessed by visitors from anywhere in the world. The exposition consists of personal belongings collected from all regions of Ukraine over the last 365+ days of the ongoing war. The project transforms artifacts of the war into art objects to raise funds for the needs of the civilians, who were affected the most.

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