July 4, 2023, 13:47

We need to start talking now about what Ukraine will look like after the victory, and what developments are being made for the country’s post-war recovery in all public spheres

As part of the first stage of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs’ project “Ukraine after the Victory”, an analytical report on the state of affairs in the economic sphere was prepared. The document entitled “Analytical Report” is the first part of the project. It will be used to formulate expert proposals for the implementation of public economic policy.

In particular, the report analyzes the key factors in the development of the Ukrainian economy in various areas. What critical decisions have been made after the Revolution of Dignity and the signing of the European Union Association Agreement? What new challenges were posed by the war, and how did the Ukrainian government respond to these challenges? Whether or not something has been done? What alternative solutions were proposed by civil society, international partners, and businesses? What is the current situation, what needs to be done now, and what are the restrictions set by international agreements already signed by Ukraine?

“In fact, this document is about the past and the present. We are presenting it today as the first part. In September, we will present the second part focused on the future. Namely, the strategy for key changes in the country and the concept of key regulations that need to be adopted to bring about these changes,” explained Valerii Pekar, lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, entrepreneur, during a presentation at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

He emphasized that this is one of the branches of a huge project, aiming to ensure that at the time of Ukraine’s victory, public policy projects in all areas of public life are worked out in detail and that there is readiness for the chance when international partners will help start the recovery.

In turn, Kateryna Glazkova, Executive Director of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, noted that the project should result in a roadmap, a final document from the group of authors of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs for public authorities, on the vision of Ukraine’s recovery after the victory.

“We need to talk now about what Ukraine will be like after the victory. And we need to prepare for it now. Because pursuing the war until Russia is defeated, after achieving Ukraine’s victory, all those practices to be implemented,” Glazkova is convinced.

As noted during the presentation, the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs is engaged in economic policy, among other things. At the same time, colleagues and partners in other groups deal with social and humanitarian, institutional, and other public policies.

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