Презентація другої частини кіноальманаху «МА!», новели під назвою «Дихай зі мною», Медіацентр Україна-Укрінформ
May 24, 2023, 15:05

We dedicate this film to those unbreakable – the presentation of the second part of the film “MA!” anthology film

The presentation of the second part of the “MA!” anthology film, a short story called “Breathe with Me”, took place at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

The film is based on the story of a married couple. The husband is a Ukraine frontline soldier, defending the country with his comrade-in-arms in the vicinity of Bakhmut. At the same time, his wife is fighting her own battle in a maternity bed. Their heartbreaking phone conversation reveals the tragic situation that almost every Ukrainian family is in now. 

“This movie is not just an emotion laid bare for the sake of emotion, not just a reflection on the war, not just a situation. This film has a very specific and important goal of reminding people firstly of the yet ongoing war. And secondly, to finally explain to everyone, both our friends and our enemies, why we continue to fight, why we will never give up, and why we will never make any concessions. I hope that this film will fully answer these questions, what our people are struggling for,” emphasized the film’s director, Bohdan Zheleznyak.

According to the director, this film is the first one to be shot in two days of filming instead of one. In addition, the shooting took place not in an artificially constructed scenery set but in a clinic and an actual trench.

“We dedicate this movie to those unbreakable. It’s not only about our military. It’s about all of us, about all those who did not surrender, about all those who stayed in the country. About doctors who treat, workers who work and raise the state’s economy, the military who protect us, about mothers who give birth. About all the people who did not give up,” Bohdan Zheleznyak added.


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