August 29, 2022, 15:19

Warriors of Light photo exhibition: works by war correspondents displayed in Kyiv

The photo exhibition presents 40 photos from the front line, which were selected by the Press Centers of the Ministry of Defense and Ukrinform.

The opening took place at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

Serhiy Sai-Bodnar, Head of Ukrinform press center, noted that the exhibition will take place over a month at Ukrinform.

“We should all be grateful to those who are on the front lines today, thanks to them we can be in this hall and show you the work of photo correspondents. Each of us, Ukrainians, is working on their own front. We are all making efforts to bring our victory closer,” — he said.

Vitaly Sarantsev, head of ArmyINFORM News Agency, said that the exhibition has been worked on since 2014, since the beginning of the war.

“Every day our colleagues are at the front and film every moment of the war. Behind each photo there is a whole world — the life story of the person in the photo. The works of press officers of ArmyINFORM News Agency are represented at the exhibition,” — he said.

In addition, a photo book is planned to be released. It will include even more photos.

Stepan Kubiv, head of All-Ukrainian “Memorial” Society said that each photo projects the energy of our indomitability: “The struggle for our land and our people is still ahead, but the people will always live, nothing will defeat my people. It is not the first time muscovites have tried to enslave our homeland, but they have already received and will receive a worthy rebuff.”

Oleksandr Sviatotskyi, Editor-in-Chief of the Law of Ukraine magazine added that russians hate Ukrainians for the historical truth: “russia has tried and is trying to appropriate our history and culture, wash away and destroy our nation. But they won’t succeed. We were always reborn.”

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