February 29, 2024, 15:36

Unique VR safety trainings to launch in Ukraine

The 2402 Foundation is launching a safety training program for everyone who lives and works in war. In particular, the training program will focus on the threats, risks and security situations that are typical for people working in war zones and frontline areas.

The safety training program was discussed during a presentation at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“In virtual reality, a person can, in fact, make mistakes that will stay in this virtual reality and never transition into reality. That is, we help (people – Ed.) to go through a certain experience, including a negative one, which will not affect real life, but later can save lives during extreme situations,” explained Katerina Sergatskova, co-founder, and executive director of the 2402 Foundation.

Svitlana Musii, operations manager at the 2402 Foundation, noted that, at the sessions conducted by the Foundation, much attention is generally paid to practical experience, since it is important to form a behavioral model during the training sessions so that people under stress can follow the safety protocols in an emergency situation. And she emphasized that VR trainings are one of the tools that help create such behavioral models.

It is worth noting that the VR scenarios were developed by the partners of the 2402 Foundation from the company Headset Immersive together with specialists certified in security, emergency medical and psychological first aid. The experience of those who had worked at the front was used in the preparation as well. 

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