June 8, 2022, 13:55

“Ukrainians Submitted 195,000 Damaged Home Reconstruction Claims via Diia Portal,” Ministry of Digital Transformation

Ukrainians submitted 195,000 claims to reconstruct their damaged properties via the Diia portal. It means that at least 540,000 people lost their homes. Mstyslav Banik, Head of Electronic Services Development with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, stated this during his briefing at Media Center Ukraine. According to him, the Ministry of Infrastructure and local governments are working with this data already.

“Diia becomes a channel of contact with homeowners because the state and local governments will rebuild and restore these homes. Many people have not come back to the places yet where they own damaged homes,” Mstyslav Banik explains.

According to him, 505,000 Ukrainians used Diia to generate their internal displaced person certificate. Further, 180,000 people got registered as job seekers. According to Mstyslav Banik, many Ukrainians use other services launched on the Diia portal.

“We have 17.5 million unique users now. Before February 24, we had 16.5 million. This increase by one million matches Diia’s average rate of growth. It means that many people just kept using the portal and found new services they needed,” the Head of Electronic Services Development with the Ministry of Digital Transformation assures.

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