December 26, 2023, 16:06

Ukrainian Armed Forces’ successes on the Black Sea should be transferred to land – military expert

The successes at the front in 2023 can be characterized by successes in the Black Sea. The work of the food corridor and the gradual destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet can be considered a great example for successful operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be transferred to land. But this requires mobilization and recruitment.

This was stated by military expert Ihor Romanenko during a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“The situation at the front is constantly changing. Let me remind you that the contact line is now more than 3,500 kilometers, the most intense battle line is 1,200 kilometers. And it is these 1200 kilometers that play a role at the front. That is why we need a new mobilization for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Because our enemies are mobilizing, and we have not been able to launch a major campaign. I believe that actions on Ukrainian mobilization are necessary and appropriate,” said Ihor Romanenko.

According to the military expert, new victories require cohesion and military cunning. This is exactly what the Ukrainian Navy and Air Force are demonstrating now.

“The Navy, together with the SBU forces, did everything possible to make the food corridor work, starting with the liberation of Zmeinyi Island. Boyko’s towers, destroyed enemy command posts, gradual elimination of ships, control over the northwestern part of the Black Sea – all these successful actions set an example for the Land Forces. The Air Force is also demonstrating positive trends, destroying enemy planes, missiles and chess pieces almost every day. I hope that in the new year of 2024, with the help of new aircraft and weapons, our army will show success at the front,” Romanenko summarized.

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