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July 6, 2022, 12:39

“Ukraine Transmits russian Gas in Transit across Its Territory to Prevent Its Infrastructure from Shelling by invaders,” Gas TSO of Ukraine

The transit of russian gas is important for Ukraine because it helps protect our gas transmission infrastructure from being destroyed by enemy missiles. Sergiy Makogon, Director General of the Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC, told this during his briefing at Media Center Ukraine.

“russian forces are not focused on destroying our gas transmission infrastructure because russia is interested in gas transit. We have no separate transit and domestic supply pipelines. Thus, as long as we have the gas transit, there is some guarantee that the gas transmission network will not be damaged and we will be able to supply gas to consumers,” Sergiy Makogon explained.

According to him, russia currently transmits only 40% of the gas volume paid for.

“They contracted and paid a capacity of 109 million cubic meters (mcm), but they only use 40 mcm. This is the lowest value in recent years. It continues gazprom’s strategy to drain the European market dry. They even reduced gas transit via North Stream 1. There was a suspension of supplies via the Turkish Stream. They do not use the Polish route. And they have minimized their transit across Ukraine,” Makogon said.

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