January 11, 2024, 15:17

Ukraine held “Musical DNA of the Nation” – the allocation draw and presentation of participating artists and songs for Eurovision 2024 National Selection 

Ukraine has selected its participants for the Eurovision Song Contest National selections running order decided by a draw held at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

The selected artists and songs line-up to be presented in the final of the National Selection as follows:

1. YAKTAK – Lalala

2. INGRET – Keeper

3. NAZVA – Slavic English

4. ANKA – Palala

5. Drevo – Endless chain

6. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – Teresa & Maria


8. SKYLERR – Time is running out

9. Ziferblat – Place I Call Home

10. YAGODY – Tsunamia


The event also featured a presentation of the songs and artists leading to the National Selection final to be held on February 3. The full songs of the finalists will be available on the Eurovision Ukraine YouTube channel in the “Eurovision Song Contest 2024: National Final Performances” playlist. 

It is worth noting that this and the following year’s National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest will be held conveying the message of “Musical DNA of the Nation”. This was emphasized by Oksana Skybinska, head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest and representative of the Public Broadcasting Company.

Eurovision and National Selection being the musical DNA of our nation is a message we are carrying out this year’s National Selection, and the message that will be there for the next few years. This message is already permeating the National Selection and is going to hit the final. After all, each of these artists and every national selection applicant is one of the facets of our nation’s musical DNA, the DNA we are fighting for, the DNA that every Ukrainian is fighting for,” explained Oksana Skybinska.

She added that even amidst the war that continues to rage in Ukraine, the organizers are trying to carry on the tradition they started earlier—to have Ukrainians make as many decisions as possible. Thus, citizens have already joined the voting in Diia and selected the eleventh finalist of the National Selection.

According to her, the cooperation with Diia continues and next week Ukrainians will be able to choose the jury that will determine 50% of the results in the final of the National Selection in split with the voting audience.

It is worth noting that media producer Volodymyr Zavadiuk and his team will be responsible for this year’s National Selection televised show. 

He noted that it is critical for the National Selection’s advertising slogan “The Musical DNA of the Nation” to reflect it in every fragment of the selection. According to him, it is planned to make a fusion of Ukrainian traditions and modernity. In addition, Volodymyr Zavavdiuk added, that there will be three National Selection final presenters, some of whom the audience will see when their first time on stage. 

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