Підземні сховища газу, фото АТ «Укртрансгаз»
August 1, 2022, 13:22

“Ukraine Has Accumulated 11 bcm of Natural Gas in Its Underground Facilities,” Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association

Ukraine has already accumulated over 11 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas in its underground gas storage facilities. Andrii Zakrevskyi, Chair of the Management Board of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association, Director General of Newfolk Oil and Gas Consultancy Center, stated this during his briefing at Media Center Ukraine. According to him, it should be enough for the heating season.

“In better times, it was enough to have up to 9 bcm of gas to heat our homes and supply warm water. We also supplied some extra gas to households for gas stoves,” Andrii Zakrevskyi added.

However, according to the expert, Ukraine will face the challenge of transporting gas across the country this year. Earlier, gas transit was relied on to maintain proper pressure in gas pipelines. With zero transit now, extra volumes of natural gas will have to be spent on pumping gas extracted from storage facilities.

“Even before the war, Ukraine had to have 23 bcm of gas in underground gas storage facilities to survive the heating season seamlessly. It is because the gas needs to be transported across the country, while our major storage facilities are located in Ukraine’s west. When russia suspended its gas transit across Ukraine in 2009, we had to spend billions of cubic meters to pump gas from our gas deposits in the west to Ukraine’s center and east,” the Chair of the Management Board of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association explained.

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