December 21, 2023, 16:59

Ukraine already sees some success in implementation of European Water Policy Directives

One of Ukraine’s obligations on its way to European integration is to implement River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs), which is a part of the EU Water Framework Directive. It is a key water policy achievement in the negotiations on Ukraine’s membership in the EU. However, even before the opening of the negotiation framework, Ukraine saw some success in this matter.

Mykhailo Yanchuk, Head of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“Ukraine is moving to new European water policy rules, and river basin management plans are a part of the state planning policy for six years, which will allow improving the state of water. It is also a key indicator of compliance with the requirements of European directives. Recently, EU leaders decided to start negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European family, and Ukraine already has another achievement. Without waiting for the opening of the negotiation framework, Ukraine implemented the EU acts into the legislation and identified river basins, reformed the monitoring system according to European requirements and created four modern laboratories,” he said.

Mykhailo Yanchuk also noted that draft management plans have been prepared for all 9 river basins. He emphasized that the RBMP projects were prepared in full compliance with the EU Water Framework Directive with the support of European partners

According to him, Ukraine’s progress has already been assessed and noted in the analytical report of the European Commission as of November 8, 2023.

The next step to make in this matter is the publication and public discussion of draft river basin management plans, which, in particular, begins today. The discussion will last six months, and based on its results, appropriate amendments and additions to the draft river basin management plans will be made.

He also noted that RBMPs are to be adopted in 2024, and their implementation will start in 2025.

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