September 28, 2023, 12:44

Ukraine already manufactures equipment for demining

Ukraine can already partially satisfy the need for equipment necessary for demining. In particular, pickup trucks and equipment for transporting explosive objects are manufactured in the country. At the same time, production of heavy demining machines is being localized.

Ihor Bezkaravainyi, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, made this statement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“As for heavy demining equipment, the process of localization of the production is underway, localization agreements have been signed with three companies. Two more companies are in negotiations, and in the near future they will start formalizing these negotiations in documents. Therefore, yes, we already have the production capacities,” noted Ihor Bezkaravainyi.

He also pointed out that in addition to promoting the production of equipment in Ukraine, in addition to assistance with localization, the Ministry of Economy cooperates with international partners and encourages them to purchase this equipment in Ukraine, Ukrainian-made equipment. Because it allows the economy to work, starts production, provides jobs, etc.

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