June 12, 2024, 15:48

Together for equality and victory: Equality March returns to Kyiv after a two-year hiatus

On June 16, Kyiv will host the Equality March for the first time since 2021. This year’s event, themed “Together for Equality and Victory,” will differ in format from previous years due to the country’s exposure to wartime conditions.

Anna Sharyhina, Head of the Board of KyivPride NGO, announced the march during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

“This year’s Pride slogan, ‘Together for Equality and Victory,’ is crucial for us. It sends a message that the LGBTQ community is an integral part of Ukrainian society, contributing to our victory. One of KyivPride’s goals is to make this contribution visible. Many LGBTQ individuals fear for their lives and health if they acknowledge their identity, making it essential to highlight their role. We also have a strong LGBT military presence, and while not all are open about their identity, those who are will march,” Sharyhina stated.

She stressed the importance of showcasing LGBTQ military personnel to both Ukrainian and international audiences, demonstrating that LGBTQ individuals share the same values and goals as the broader Ukrainian community, particularly in the fight against russia.

Sharyhina also noted that the march aims to raise international awareness of Ukraine and demand protection from russia.

The Equality March will follow a route near shelters, as per guidelines, fully coordinated with the police. The event will be closed to the public, requiring pre-registration as a security measure.

The event expects around 500 participants, including individual activists, and organized parade groups, with a significant presence of diplomats and international representatives.

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