April 11, 2024, 14:54

To fortify Ukraine’s defenses against russian strikes, a robust and deeply layered air defense system is imperative – Ilia Yevlash

To bolster Ukraine’s defenses against enemy strikes and large-scale assaults, it’s essential to establish a comprehensive air defense network with layers of defense encompassing short, medium, and long-range systems, backed by fighter aircraft support.

Ilia Yevlash, Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, conveyed this message during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“If we’re discussing smaller systems at the moment, these primarily include air defense existing systems utilized by the Land Forces, like Crotale, Avenger, and Gepard, all of which have demonstrated considerable effectiveness. Talks have already taken place regarding the acquisition of Skynex systems, dubbed ‘drone fighters’ designed for its countering. Medium-range systems such as IRIS-T and NASAMS, among others, are poised to provide coverage for urban areas, neutralizing threats posed by missiles and drones targeting residential neighborhoods, districts, and critical infrastructure. Additionally, long-range systems like SAMP/T and Patriot are on the agenda,” he elaborated.

Ilia Yevlash asserted that, in combat situations, the Patriot stands out as the most effective system to date.

“Undoubtedly, the manufacturer of SAMP/T systems has also announced the production of ballistic capabilities. Naturally, we hope for extensive support from our partners in supplying both systems and missiles, given Ukraine’s current inability to independently manufacture such advanced technology,” he emphasized.

Yevlash acknowledged the effectiveness of Soviet-era systems like the Buk and S-300 but stressed the importance of integrating advanced Western systems, which have already demonstrated their effectiveness, for the future.

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