October 25, 2023, 16:06

“Things at war are just consumables” – experts of the Volunteer’s Guide explained why help to the front is still needed

The website of the Volunteer’s Guide project contains only reliable and proven items, devices and gadgets.

This was stated by Denys Yakuba and Stanislav Borodashkin, expert volunteers of the Volunteer’s Guide project, at a briefing at Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

“At the beginning of the project, we had almost a year of volunteer experience and tactical medicine courses, so we could easily write and film about all the materials to explain to people, for example, that you cannot buy a regular car first aid kit for the front, as some mothers bought for their sons at the front.  The “Volunteer’s Guide” explains all the features of the necessary things for the military and significantly reduces the time of explanation,” said volunteer expert Stanislav Borodashkin.

Denys Yakuba shared that, of course, you can find the same tactical clothing or ammunition cheaper, but the point is that the military at the front have quality items that save lives, not just purchased for “tick marks.”

“Our resource demonstrates that it is impossible to save money on life. For example, a cheap Chinese turnstile for $4 or $7 can only be given to medical trainers who will teach them how to use it. But such a turnstile in a combat zone will not help save lives. Just write “for training” on them, there is no need to buy them and send them to Ukrainian defenders at the front,” emphasized Denys Yakuba.

The volunteers also noted that even high-quality uniforms and devices can only be consumables in the combat zone: for example, paramedics often cut the wounded’s clothes to stop the bleeding, or after arriving, they lose first aid kits or devices, or sometimes all the ammunition, so our defenders still need help in the first weeks of the full-scale invasion.

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