December 20, 2023, 11:58

They hold performances and poetry evenings in shelters – an American journalist about Kherson residents under Russian shelling

Despite the fact that Kherson and the region are constantly under fire from the Russian occupiers, people are trying to live life to the fullest: they organize exhibitions, poetry readings and performances in shelters.

This was stated by American journalist Zarina Zabrisky at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center. She spent about 3 months in the city.

“The city is economically destroyed. It is impossible to do business under constant shelling. All industrial enterprises that used to operate in Kherson and nearby have stopped their work. I have no idea how to survive under shelling and produce anything else. But small businesses are slowly working,” Zarina said.

The journalist noted that although the Russians are trying to level the city, Ukrainians have not lost their lust for life and even repair their apartments and houses immediately after Russian shells and bombs hit.

“Life in Kherson is limited by the shelling. People spend money on repairs: windows and doors are broken after the shelling. Volunteers also come and help. But this is not enough. People need to know that they have not been forgotten and are cared for. It is difficult to survive even for small grocery stores that come under fire, but people continue to work. This is important. Kherson residents have an indomitable spirit,” Zarina said.

During these months the American got used to living in Kherson, fell in love with the locals, whom she not only films every day, but also writes a book about them and constantly helps.

“I adore the people of Kherson. After the shelling, we do fly yoga together, we go to classes, we socialize. Kherson artists are always organizing something, although you can’t announce such events without getting hit by a Russian shell. I have already been to several poetry evenings and performances, which are usually held in a shelter. It inspires me and gives me faith in life,” Zarina summarized.

Zarina Zabrisky appealed to EU and US officials and MPs to help Ukraine, emphasizing that every delayed decision costs Ukrainian lives.

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