October 12, 2023, 15:41

There is a rehabilitation center in Odesa that treats not only those who have returned from the front, but also family members of the military

Psychological support and assistance is now very much needed not only for those returning from the front, but also for their family members and those who have survived the occupation and serious shelling.

This was stated by Oksana Аleksandriyska, a practical psychologist and head of the psychological and pedagogical correction department at the Ukrainian Medical Center for Rehabilitation of Mother and Child of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center.

It is psychological support, assistance and treatment that their Rehabilitation Center in Odesa is currently providing.

“We have started working with those returning from the front and their families. Our program lasts for 21 days and includes a full body check-up, as well as work with narrow-profile specialists – psychiatrists, cardiologists, psychologists and others. It is still difficult for people to go to psychologists and psychiatrists, but now is the time when society really needs it,” the psychologist said.

In addition, the Center works with those Ukrainians who have lost relatives – parents and children.

The address of the Center for Rehabilitation of Mother and Child of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is 2 Mariinska Street, Odesa. Phone number: +38(048)793-56-09.

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