June 2, 2022, 13:22

“There Are Plans for Building European Standard Gauge Railways in Lviv Oblast to Connect Ukraine with Poland,” Lviv Oblast Military Administration

Projects for constructing European standard gauge railways from the Poland-Ukraine border to some cities and towns are being designed in Lviv Oblast. Yurii Buchko, Deputy Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration, disclosed this information at his press briefing in Ukraine Media Center.

“We are working now on design documents for Rava-Ruska, to build a narrower, European standard-gauge railway to Rava-Ruska and later to Lviv. In addition, the Government is also developing a concept of building a European standard-gauge railway from Mostyska to Lviv,” the Deputy Head of Lviv Oblast Military Administration said.

Another project calls for a standard-gauge railway link from Przemysl in Poland to Khyriv in Lviv Oblast. According to Yurii Buchko, the project will cost UAH 800 million.

“Poland designed a 7-km-long railway from Przemysl to the national border. We are working on designing a 23-km-long railway from Khyriv to the national border to be able to move cargo and passengers freely,” Yurii Buchko says.

According to the official, there is now only one standard-gauge railway in operation in Mostyska Raion of Lviv Oblast.

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