October 12, 2023, 15:32

“There are not enough doctors in Ukraine who work with PTSD patients” – psychiatrist

It is difficult for Ukrainian society to accept that there are many problems with the treatment of PTSD. During a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center, psychiatrist and clinical psychologist Oleksiy Kruglyachenko outlined current problems in psychology and psychiatry related to post-traumatic stress disorder.

“For some reason, we believe that if a person goes to a psychiatrist, he or she is really crazy. This is not true. In Ukraine, there is also a demonization of soldiers returning from the frontline – that they are all dangerous, can throw a grenade or jump out of a window themselves. This is an exaggeration. Although the underestimation of PTSD is a big problem in our society. I would like to note that if you see a person behaving somehow “wrong,” you need to solve the problem immediately – to consult specialists and not be afraid of psychiatrists,” the doctor said.

Kruhlyachenko emphasized that Ukraine has a problem with doctors who can work with PTSD patients.

“Who works for us, which doctors, according to which protocols – so far, there is no single definition, no single strategy for treating this disorder. Well, now we have translated the American protocols of 2017, but time has passed and we have only added to our problems. In addition, we really do not have enough doctors and psychologists who deal with the problems of PTSD patients, and this situation also needs to be addressed,” summarized Oleksiy Kruglyachenko.

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