June 1, 2023, 20:00

The Ukraine-Lviv Media Center hosted a panel discussion: Evidence of russia’s war crimes against Ukrainian children

Why is the process of returning the children abducted by the russians so slow, and is it possible to bring the perpetrators to justice at all – this was the central question of the discussion at the Ukraine-Lviv Media Center.

Key points from the discussion:

“It is difficult for Ukraine to return children abducted by russians. Today, there is no effective mechanism to solve this problem. The situation is complicated by russia’s ignoring any decisions of international organizations. The Ukrainian side is actively collecting data on crimes committed by russians against children in Ukraine. The most difficult is to return those children adopted by russians,” said Arie Mora, representative of the Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group, Coalition “Ukraine. Five in the Morning”.

“98 children over 12 years of age from among IDPs looking for new families in Lviv and the Lviv United Territorial Community. The Lviv City Council’s Children’s Service has 67 candidate families registered to become foster parents. But we see a certain stereotype about teenagers and older children who, for various reasons, are not ready to be adopted by families. Therefore, we invite you to pay attention to this aspect as well. That is why we invite those willing to adopt a child to come forward and help teenagers who are already waiting for foster parents,” said Volodymyr Frydrak, acting head of the Lviv City Council’s Department of Children’s Services.

Documenting the stories of the dead requires sensitivity and empathy. And the search for a sensation in death causes even more suffering to the bereaved family. Yulia Lozynska, a representative of the Memorial Memory Platform, told how to collect information about people whose lives were cut short by war. This organization has documented over three thousand stories of people killed during the war. Of these, 160 are children’s biographies. Some of the biographies appeared after relatives contacted the journalists who wanted to preserve the memory of their lost relatives.

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