November 29, 2022, 16:21

“The systemic destruction of the power grid and what is happening in the de-occupied territories are the most critical issues today,” Ukrvodokanalekolohiia Association

The systemic attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, destruction and looting in the de-occupied territories create the greatest challenges for water supply specialists today. Andriy Nikitin, Deputy President of Ukrvodokanalekolohiia Association spoke about this at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“The situation is the most critical in two directions. It is the fact that the enemy is systematically destroying the country’s energy supply, on which the operation of water utilities depends critically, as well as the situation that is happening in the de-occupied territories,” — Nikitin said.

The Deputy President described the directions of the current activities of the Association, its donors and partners, taking into account the above-mentioned factors.

“We are working to ensure water supply in case there is a long blackout caused by missile attacks. We organize activities in such a way that the water utility, if unable to maintain centralized water supply, can at least put water into people’s hands, as well as ensure water drainage and sewage treatment. The second direction is to rebuild the occupied territories, where water supply and drainage systems have been destroyed, office property has been looted, that is, the water utility company has no opportunity to accumulate funds for its activities. We are introducing assistance in the supply of both drinking water and hygiene kits. We are proceeding to the restoration of water supply, we are organizing the supply of power generators to pumping stations, everything necessary for wastewater treatment, and then we are already working on projects to restore infrastructure facilities that were destroyed or damaged,” — Andriy Nikitin said.

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