May 12, 2022, 13:25

The State Migration Service Launches Pilot Project to Issue ID Cards and Passports Simultaneously

Natalia Naumenko, Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, made this statement during her briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Our team worked on this project even before the all-out military aggression. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted its resolution on May 7 to permit the simultaneous issue of an ID card and a passport for foreign travel as a pilot project. The citizens will be able to visit departments of the State Migration Service and administrative service centers twice and get both documents at the same time. It will simplify the procedure,” she said.

The Ukrainian citizens will be able to use this service as soon as the Cabinet resolution is published.
Natalia Naumenko added that they had been monitoring the situation about crossing the borders of our country since February 24. For this reason, the team of the State Migration Service drafted the resolution and submitted it to the Cabinet of Ministers for review to make sure that citizens can extend their passports and insert a photo of their child both within Ukraine and in our country’s diplomatic missions abroad.

“All units of the State Migration Services located outside the active combat area have resumed their operations. We restarted the production of documents and related logistics that had been disrupted due to the war. All IT systems of the State Migration Services operate in a regular mode. We also pay attention to foreigners remaining within Ukraine, and they can rely on our services as before. Our phone hotline can provide all the necessary advice,” the Head of the State Migration Service emphasized.

The State Migration Service extended the validity of more than 70,000 passports, over 72,000 documents with added photographs, and issued 131,000 passports for the travel abroad, and “the State Migration Service cooperates with other state authorities to issue documents to people released from captivity as soon as possible.”

Natalia Naumenko added that, unfortunately, two officers of the State Migration Service were killed, “however, we managed to evacuate our personnel from endangered areas, and all the documents from departments of the State Migration Service in Ukraine.”

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