July 19, 2023, 11:00

The second day International Forum of the Crimea Platform: Ukrainian and international experts work on the future security architecture in Kyiv

Today, on July 19, the main day of the International Forum of the Crimea Platform Expert Network “Foreseeing the Future: Expert`s View” started in Kyiv.

Emine Dzhaparova, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said that the Crimea Platform started its work in 2021 with a small piece of paper with a vision of work, and now it is a powerful network operating at three levels.

“This is an unprecedented format that currently unites 60 countries and international organizations with one strategic goal – the de-occupation of Crimea. Our goal is to create a clear understanding among our partners that there can be no negotiations without Crimea. The position of the state and the President is clear – there can be no negotiations and agreements without Crimea,” she said.

According to Emine Dzhaparova, Ukrainian diplomacy continues to work in the vein of the Crimea Platform. The next stage is the Summit to be held next month.

In her turn, Ukrainian Member of Parliament Maria Mezentseva emphasized that the parliament does not stop searching for a balance in understanding how we can have an open dialogue with Crimea right now.

Tamila Tasheva, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, noted that the work of the Crimea Platform and the involvement of experts is an opportunity to develop the necessary steps for de-occupation and reintegration.

“We need all the plans for reintegration now, first of all, to regain control over Crimea,” she said.

As a reminder, the International Forum of the Crimea Platform Expert Network “Foreseeing the Future: Expert View`s” started yesterday. Experts from more than 20 countries visited the territories of Kyiv region that suffered the most from the occupation by the russian army and discussed the impact of military operations on the environmental situation in Ukraine and the world.

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