Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Yuriy “Milan” Havrylyshyn, officer of the 3rd independent assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
April 11, 2023, 14:44

The officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine propose to equate cadets to contract servicemen — youyou need to sign a petition to the President

This will increase the financial support of cadets and the prestige of military education. The author of the petition, Yuriy “Milan” Havrylyshyn, an officer of the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told about this at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

He said that from the beginning, the idea of the petition was to return the 30,000 hryvnias reward to soldiers who are not in the combat zone.

“But then, after talking with the officers and cadets, we decided that it is necessary to focus on more important things that have not changed in military education since independence to this today. It is necessary to equate cadets to contract servicemen. Because now they have the status of conscript soldiers. And from the 1st to the last course, there is a biased attitude towards them, this must be changed,” – Yuriy Havrylyshyn noted.

He added that now there are three types of cadets – those who enter the military university after school, ex-conscript soldiers, and professional military.

“Some receive financial support of 800 hryvnias, others – UAH 7-10k. This is social injustice and imbalance. We have to do something. If we change this situation, we will raise the prestige of military education. We will get a larger number of applicants. Then we will be able to choose the best and more motivated future officers,” – the officer said.

He added that, in his opinion, whether the petition gets the necessary number of votes or not is not important.

“We have already won. We brought the issue of military education to the public level. And society will see what military education was like and what problems it has from the time of independence to these days,” – the officer emphasized.

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