April 11, 2023, 17:32

The modern rehabilitation building of the UNBROKEN National Centre opened in Lviv

On 11 April, the first section of the modern rehabilitation building opened. A glass bridge connects the UNBROKEN National Centre building with the main hospital block. The centre will help people who have suffered severe injuries due to the war to recover.

UNBROKEN Rehabilitation Centre’s new building includes robotic limb systems. There are also rehabilitation halls with steel lifts so that bedridden patients can move to the pool or rehabilitation room. Soon, the swimming pool will also start working, as water rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery. The building also has an ergotherapy apartment with a kitchen, where patients can learn to care for themselves in the most homely environment possible. There will also be a simulated store where patients can practice shopping. At the new building, physical rehabilitation specialists will work with psychologists and psychotherapists to provide comprehensive assistance to people affected by the war.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society and Lviv’s partner cities of Freiburg and Vilnius supported the reconstruction of the building. A floor in the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Centre building is dedicated to each partner involved in the renovation.

“We had never received more donations from the residents of Freiburg than when we raised funds for our partner city – Lviv. In such difficult times, we must show true friendship and solidarity. And sure, when Andrii Sadovyi offered to become one of the first project ambassadors, I immediately agreed. I am impressed by the pace at which this transformation has taken place,” said Martin Horn, Mayor of Freiburg, who supported the UNBROKEN project.

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