Іван Федоров, міський голова Мелітополя, Медіацентр Україна - Укрінформ
April 3, 2023, 15:14

The list of collaborators in the temporarily occupied Melitopol comprises at least 700 people – Ivan Fedorov

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol district and Melitopol city, at least 700 collaborators are agreeing to cooperate with the enemy. And there may be thousands of them in Zaporizhia Oblast itself.

Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol, made the relevant announcement during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform.

He noted that today collaborators in the temporarily occupied territory are the ones to suffer now massively.

“The whole thing started more than two weeks ago, when a car of one of the collaborators, responsible for a transport connection, namely for organizing passenger transportation in the temporarily occupied territories, exploded. Then something happened to a tree that one of the collaborators, who worked for the occupation authorities police station, was passing by. Now we have the example of Zubarev,” the mayor noted.

Such events, according to Ivan Fedorov, can be linked to the intensity of the fighting in the direction of Zaporizhia, which is causing panic among collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories, he noted. 

“Collaborators begin to look for ways to escape from the temporarily occupied territories. But it’s impossible to escape!” he added.

On Monday, April 3, at 08:30 AM, another explosion occurred on Melitopol central avenue. A car carrying collaborator Maksim Zubarev was blown up. In 2014, he tried to carry out a coup in the Melitopol City Council, and then he led the “Russian Spring” in Melitopol. He has been under investigation since then. From the first days of the occupation of Melitopol, he agreed to cooperate with the enemy.

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