October 16, 2023, 16:25

The heating season has started in Lviv. Heat is already being supplied to 60% of residential buildings and 55% of educational and healthcare facilities

The connection process will be completed in a few days. In the future, each building, i.e., Apartment building co-owners associations or Housing management offices, will decide to turn on the heat themselves, depending on the weather. If the batteries are still cold, you should contact your condominium or the city council hotline. Heat supply fees for households will remain unchanged. Orest Tymchyshyn, Director of the Housing and Infrastructure Department of Lviv City Council, said this at a briefing at the Ukraine-Lviv Media Center. In addition to residential buildings, 1,500 shelters were provided with heat. Utilities have also prepared for possible enemy attacks on infrastructure.

“We started this work last year. There was a case when there was no power in the region for 12 hours, but we still managed to provide water to the city. That is, we can provide water supply. Sometimes completely, and sometimes – depending on the terrain and the water pumping system – at least on the lower floors. Heat supply companies are provided with backup sources of electricity generation. Gas boilers were converted to solid fuel boilers. For example, all municipal hospitals will still be provided with heat in case of a power outage”, said Orest Tymchyshyn, Director of the Housing and Infrastructure Department of Lviv City Council.

Let me remind you that Lviv has extended the programme to compensate for part of the cost of generators for residential buildings and businesses until the end of the war. Residents of buildings with two or more floors can receive compensation for the cost of the purchased generator with a nominal generator power of 2.5 kW or more. The amount of compensation is 50% of the price, but not more than UAH 30 thousand.

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