November 29, 2022, 16:20

The Grain from Ukraine Initiative Will Help Not Only Countries Suffering from Food Shortages, But Also Ukrainian Farmers – Ambassador at Large with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ukraine launches the Grain from Ukraine initiative, according to which up to 60 ships with Ukrainian grain will be sent to the poorest countries of the world, which face a threat of famine. According to the program, grain will be provided to at least 5 million people by the end of spring 2023. 150 million US dollars have already been collected to fund the initiative. Olga Trofimtseva, Ambassador at Large with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Coordinator of the Exporters and Investors Council, spoke during the briefing in Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform about the future operation of this initiative and why it is important.

“Owing to cooperation with our partners, we plan to solve or try to alleviate the state of critical famine that some countries and some regions currently counters, and this is caused by aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine and by blocking of ports, barring the way for free export of grain to different regions. The grain will primarily go to those countries where the food security situation has become very acute due to russia’s aggression against Ukraine. These are African Ethiopia, Libya, Algeria, some countries of Sub-Saharan Africa; the Middle East countries are on this list too. Now we are talking about that from 1 to 10 ships a month will leave the grain corridor, and will go the sea routes from Ukraine to support this initiative,” Olga explained.

Germany, Belgium, Poland, Canada and the United States have already confirmed their participation in the initiative. The program was also supported by the UN World Food Program. This is the initial pool of partners, which will expand as Olga Trofimtseva hopes. The program is also a positive signal for Ukrainian farmers.

“Any additional opportunity for our farmers to export and sell products to foreign markets at a more or less competitive price is quite literally important for their survival. This agrarian season came to an end, and it was far-from-easy. The next one will be no less complicated. The initiative will help sell products and rec

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