June 19, 2023, 16:44

The first Ukrainian Research Center for Engineering Specialities will be established in Lviv

It is one of the points of the new agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Lviv IT Cluster. It provides for the creation of a center of new opportunities for future IT professionals. The building of the Center for Engineering Specialties is currently undergoing technical preparation. The organisers hope that a center will start operating in a few years.

“Our center will unite about 11 laboratories in various technical areas, including Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, GameDev, and design. It will be an environment where students can design projects, create start-ups and develop their entrepreneurial skills. It will also be an alternative to university research centers where young scientists can work on their research projects”, says Yuliia Tsymbala, head of the educational team at Lviv IT Cluster.

The agreement with the Ministry of Education envisages some reforms in IT training. It is about improving the curriculum and involving students in practical training in successful companies. Today, 19 updated educational programmes from the Lviv IT Cluster are already available at four universities in Lviv. More than 4,500 students study there. The Lviv IT Cluster is the largest IT community, with about 270 companies.

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