September 26, 2023, 18:36

The final state examination for 4th graders: The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment plans to do an experiment in 2024

The final state examination for fourth graders won’t be held in 2024. However, it is planned to experiment by conducting a final state examination demo monitoring based on materials developed by the UCEQA. About two thousand test takers are planned to be involved in the project.

Tetiana Vakulenko, Director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment made this announcement, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“Next year we want to do a small experiment, a demo version. There will be no more than two thousand participants in total, these will be those institutions that are ready and willing to cooperate with us. What will we offer the students of the schools that will participate in the experiment? We will offer them materials developed by us, i.e. the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. We will offer tasks and some recommendations for teachers who will take this state examination in Ukrainian language and literature and mathematics. And then we will collect information on how comfortable teachers were with this testing, whether they had any problems with the test tasks, etc….” explained Vakulenko.

She noted that the information obtained will enable taking the next step towards the introduction of a standardized final state examination for primary school students.

At the same time, Ms. Vakulenko emphasized that there is no question of any external independent testing for primary school students.

“In no way, it’s about getting certain instructors involved in educational institutions or stipulating the need for some kind of supervision, etc. We are talking about providing educational institutions with the same tools and the same way to analyze the information on the results. We are talking about standardizing the content and procedures of the assessment,” she emphasized.

According to the director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, upon fully implementing the final state examination, the state will receive important information about the primary education status and what policy steps should be taken to improve primary education. She added that this information will also be available to local managers, and they will be able to respond more quickly to the needs of specific educational institutions.

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