Photo by Media Centre Ukraine – Odesa: Maria Kucherenko - analyst at the Come Back Alive Foundation
August 31, 2023, 13:46

The extradition of russian militant Jan Petrovsky from Finland will be very useful for Ukraine – analyst of “Come Back Alive”

Maria Kucherenko said, that a member of the neo-Nazi group Rusich could provide the big deal of useful information for the Ukrainian side. She told about that during her online-briefing at the Media Centre Ukraine – Odesa.

“Petrovsky is extremely useful for justice in Ukraine. He is the deputy commander of the Rusych State Specialised Reconnaissance Group of Oleksiy Milchakov and is guilty of committing war crimes on our territory. The militant could tell us a lot of valuable information about the formation of volunteer battalions and associations, how Milchakov manages to hide and avoid justice, etc.”

The analyst also spoke about the existence of false documents for Jan Petrovsky.

“We have already heard from the Finnish side that this person used documents under the name of Wojsław Torden. In 2020, a person with the same name was a representative of the office of the Union of Donbass Volunteers in St. Petersburg. TOB Estate is registered in the russian federation for this man. The leaders of this organisation were first Petrovsky, then Torden, and the coincidence of the patronymic (Igorovich) is not accidental.” 

Kucherenko noted that in 2016, Petrovsky had already been expelled from Norway as a person who posed a danger to that country.

“He was there because he had a residence permit, as his mother had emigrated to Norway back in the 90s. The question arises as to how Petrovsky consistently finds himself in different countries, including those that support Ukraine in the war with russia. How did this person consistently violate the rules of entry to European countries and circumvent sanctions, since he is on the sanctions lists? Many questions arise about the thoroughness of the data verification provided to other countries by russia.”

According to the analyst, despite the detention of Petrovsky, there is no talk of destroying the Rusich SDRG. However, this may be an element of a campaign to discredit and demonstrate the imperfection of security measures taken by our allies to verify the documents of russian citizens.

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