July 20, 2023, 12:56

The “borscht set” will become cheaper but will not fall to the level of the pre-war period

Tetiana Hetman, Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Lviv Regional State Administration, announced these forecasts at a briefing in the Lviv Media Center. The decrease in the cost of some products is predictable and not only due to seasonality. In all regions, it is noticeable that farmers have started sowing more vegetables. In this way, they are trying to compensate for the losses because most of the country’s fertile south is in the war zone.

“In my opinion, prices will remain at a higher level than the average over the past five years, but they should fall compared to the previous year. Because not only farmers in the Lviv region but also all regions of Ukraine reacted to the high price. Importers from neighbouring countries who bring their products to Ukraine will also contribute to the increase in supply. They also increased the area under vegetables. It means that the supply will grow,” said Tetiana Hetman, director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

For comparison, the Kherson region grew up to 12-13% of vegetables in Ukraine and up to 45% of all Ukrainian watermelons. It is impossible to compensate for this production volume at the expense of other regions. Therefore, the demand for vegetables will stimulate high food prices in the future.

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