November 3, 2023, 14:59

The Black Sea Ukrainian humanitarian corridor stoppage is unacceptable – Natalia Humeniuk

So far, more than 60 vessels have been using the humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea. And the Defense Forces, despite Russia’s attempts to discredit the work of the humanitarian corridor, can ensure its proper functioning.

It was emphasized by Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the United Coordinating Press Center of Security and Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“The humanitarian corridor stoppage is unacceptable because its operation is based on the security situation assessment. The Defense Forces have proposed, subject to security conditions, the operation of a navigation corridor where vessels of different cargo ship owners, safeguarding the export of grain and more, can carry on seaborne exports if the security situation allows. The Defense Forces can ensure the passage of such vessels. The corridor functioning is justified, more than 60 vessels have already used this corridor, an extraordinary amount of cargo has been sailed along the corridor, and this has been reported to the Ministry of Infrastructure,” she said.

At the same time, Natalia Humeniuk noted that the enemy does not stop the pressure and is trying to hinder the functioning of the humanitarian corridor by activating tactical aviation in this direction.

“But these efforts are nothing but a show off. We can overcome them, and even though they are deploying unidentified objects into the water, which are obviously explosive, to detonate such a corridor, to discriminate against it, to stop the seaport traffic. But the Defense Forces ensure its operation, and ships use it, ships owners trust the Defense Forces,” added Natalia Humeniuk.

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