April 14, 2024, 13:34

Tamila Tasheva calls on the international community to pass court judgements against Russian war criminals 

Russia is actively using its armed forces in the Black Sea not only for a full-scale invasion, but also for a naval blockade as an element of economic pressure on Ukraine. The aggressor state is attacking port infrastructure and civilian cargo ships, impeding freedom of navigation in the Black Sea, which threatens global food security.

This was stated by the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea at the opening of the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform.

“The occupiers are using the territory of the Crimean peninsula to launch missiles at the mainland of Ukraine, including civilian infrastructure. That is why it was important when amongst two warrants against Russian military commanders sued by the International Criminal Court on a prior to be against the admiral of the Russian navy representing the Russian Black Sea Fleet stated also in Crimea,” she said.

Despite the fact that Ukraine does not have its own navy, it has managed to stabilize the situation in the Black Sea region.

“As a result of Ukraine’s efforts, the Russian Black Sea Fleet lost a third of its capacity. In addition, the ports were unblocked and hundreds of ships have already successfully used them. In one year, Ukraine managed to quadruple its maritime transport capacity,” Tamila Tasheva added.


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