November 24, 2022, 18:10

Today We Are Able to Export Up to 60% Through Sea Corridors; Good Indicators of Land Routes Development — Denys Marchuk

Ukraine retains the opportunities for export through sea corridors, as well as the land routes, and the possibility of building a route of access to the port of Lithuania is under discussion. Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, told this in the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Today, due to the continuing operation of sea corridors through the ports of Greater Odesa, we are able to export up to 60% through sea corridors. We have good indicators for land routes development — railways, highways, ports across the Danube. The European Union allocated about 1 million euros to develop land routes from the territory of Ukraine, which gives the prospect of having access to European ports regardless of the position of russia, which can rock the situation,” Denys Marchuk said.

The Ukrainian Agrarian Council initiated an appeal to representatives of the Polish government to discuss the possibility of building a wide route within 500 km on the territory of Ukraine, which would connect Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania, and thus gain access to the Lithuanian port of Klaipėda.

“At this stage, it will be beneficial for both Ukraine and European partners, because it will be a constantly functioning logistics center. It will take about 3 years and 12 billion euros to implement,” Denys Marchuk added.

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