December 22, 2022, 18:38

The Flow of russian Disinformation Cannot Be Drowned; Truth and Respect for the Audience Are Advantageous for Ukraine – Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security

A common approach to combating russian disinformation in Ukraine is truth and creation of a relationship of respect for the Ukrainian audience. Maksym Mayorov, Expert of the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security, told this during the briefing at the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“It is useless to fight against russian disinformation, because the very scale of russian disinformation, the very flows, opportunities, and potential are so huge that Ukraine has nothing to drown it. The Ukrainian voice will not be heard, and it is impossible to shout over the flow of russian propaganda and disinformation. The general approach to combating disinformation for us personally is the truth. It is not weak or unprofitable. The truth allows the main thing — it creates a relationship of trust. When you tell the truth, when you are not caught lying, you are trusted. This means a relationship of respect, communication on an equal footing. Such a sincere approach of respect for its audience is advantageous for Ukraine, despite all the reservations that exist,” the expert said.

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