Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Kateryna Nozhevnikova, volunteer, founder of the charity foundation "Corporatsia Monstriv" (Monsters Corporation); Karina Efremova, IDP from Kramatorsk, organizer of cultural events; Oleksandr Ostapenko, veteran of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
February 24, 2023, 15:16

“One of the main weapons today are UAVs, and there are problems with their supply to the troops,” – the head of the “Korporatsia monstiv” charitable foundation

At the legislative level, unfortunately, it has not changed yet. This opinion was expressed by Kateryna Nozhevnikova, head of the “Monsters Corporation” charitable foundation, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine.

She noted that the military’s requests to volunteers regarding the supply of UAV’s are only growing, and “without modern equipment, the military cannot perform its work efficiently.”

“Drones warfare is important, but some officials still don’t understand it. There are still problems with importing drones. We now have another cargo stuck at the border, and while we wait for this situation to be resolved, someone at the front will die. Everyone works with drones in war – it’s both reconnaissance and artillery correction. Even those, who look for the bodies of our fallen soldiers, work with UAVs”, – said the volunteer.

As Oleksandr Ostapenko, a veteran of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, added, another problem with the provision of UAV’s is that the procedure for their purchase for the military for the budget is not prescribed.

“There are no UAV’s or Starlinks in the acting codes of supply for military detachments. This situation must be changed,” – the veteran added.

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