Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Kostyantyn Shevchenko-Bitensky, psychiatrist, MD, dean of Odesa National Medical University; Evzhena Parzytska, psychologist-consultant in the method of positive transcultural psychotherapy, NGO "Vira, Nadiya, Lyubov” (Faith, Hope, Love)
December 22, 2022, 13:54

Many Ukrainians “postpone their live” due to the war – experts in psychology

However, it is better not to put life on hold. Kostyantyn Shevchenko-Bitenskyi, a psychiatrist, doctor of medical sciences, and Evzhena Parzytska, a psychologist-consultant of the NGO “Vira, Nadiya, Lyubov” (Faith, Hope, Love) gave such advice during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine-Odesa.

“Many of my patients “stopped life”. They put life on hold, postpone everything till the end of war. For example, they postpone a marriage proposal. At the same time many Ukrainians began living a full life. I would recommend continue to live,” said Kostyantyn Shevchenko-Bitenskyi.

As Yevzhena Parzytska added, the sooner a person realizes that he needs to start living anew, the easier he/she will realize, that the war will not end soon.

“Getting out of the “postponed life” is difficult, but you have to do it and realize the situation that you have to live in. It is better to develop the skill of tolerance for uncertainty: that you cannot influence the war, and focus on things that you are capable to influence. This will greatly help to establish internal balance,” added Evzhena Parzytska.

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