November 24, 2022, 18:07

Despite the War, the Yield Figures Will Reach More Than 55 Million Tonnes According to Preliminary Estimates — Ukrainian Agrarian Council

In spite of the difficult situation in Ukraine due to the war, the yield figures in the agrarian sector will reach more than 55 million tonnes according to preliminary estimates. Denys Marchuk, Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, told this in the Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“Despite the difficult circumstances, we have good yield indicators, which, according to preliminary estimates, will reach more than 55 million tonnes. This is less than last year, but under the conditions of occupation, war and economic damage, this figure is the one that guarantees the possibility of food security for our country, because we consume about 20 million of all grain crops during the year. That is, we can see a significant potential for exporting, which will make it possible to receive funds,” Denys Marchuk explained.

The Deputy Chair of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council noted that the agrarian sector has been a powerhouse in the support for the agrarian economy of Ukraine for many years.

“The agrarian sector provided about 40% of foreign currency earnings for the country — these are huge funds. How the agrarian sector functions today also depends on how Ukraine will feel during the war,” Denys Marchuk added.

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