Photo: Oleksandr Koliada
March 27, 2023, 16:45

Bread made from Lviv flour is now available in Italian Piemonte stores

As part of the joint Ukrainian-Italian project “Bread for Peace in Ukraine”, the Italian Pausa Cafe cooperative financed Lviv crafters and helped local farmers and IDPs.

Almost 500 people from IDP centres in the Lviv region will receive food sets with organic products from seven Lviv crafters. The joint Ukrainian-Italian project “Bread for Peace in Ukraine” was reported at the Ukraine-Lviv Media Centre.

“Out of 19 farms that qualified for the competition and submitted applications, we selected 7. According to the requirements of our international partners, these should have been crafters who produce organic products and employ IDPs,” said Ihor Vuitsyk, chairman of the Lviv Agrarian Chamber.

The project is funded by the proceeds from the sale of 44 tonnes of wheat and 3.5 tonnes of rye flour to the Italian Pausa Cafe and NovaCoop social cooperative. Bread baked from it has already appeared in the Novacoop grocery chain.

30 cents from each bread goes to supply seeds to small Ukrainian farmers. The Pausa Cafe cooperative provided 2.5 tonnes of grass mix selected for haymaking distributed among 72 small farmers in the Lviv region.

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