Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Vasylis Bumburas, executive director of the building company "Hephaestus"; Dovidas Vitkauskas (Lithuania), director of the charity organization SOS Ukraine, ex-head of large projects of the European Union on reforms in Ukraine;
December 22, 2022, 15:09

Bill 5655 on the reform of urban planning in the current edition will make the market monopolized – the head of the building company

Those businessmen will win, who have their own agency of urban planning control. Vasilis Bumburas, director of the Hephaestus” building company, expressed this thought at the briefing at the Media Center Odessa – Ukraine.

“For example, one businessman will have his private and he will build up to 40 floors. Another one also has his agency and will build up to 20 floors. As a result, we will get a market where only two or three companies will prevail”, Vasylis Bumburas said.

He stated, that with the help of current edition of the draft, developers will control themselves.

“Control should be the public one, a private structure cannot so clearly control the implementation of the law. Therefore, the bill needs to be changed, it won`t be good for the society”, – Vasilis Boumbouras said.

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