Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Hanna Shevchenko, teacher of the Institute, head of the language studio "EngmarineSt"
March 1, 2023, 14:56

50% of Ukrainians who went to Romania because of the war are engaged in volunteering

People support each other, as well as refugees from other countries – Turkey and Syria. This opinion was expressed by Hanna Shevchenko, a teacher of the Institute, head of the language studio “EngmarineSt”, who is currently in Romania, during a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

She noted that in Romania, according to her observations, many people speak English and Ukrainian, and this simplifies communication.

“Most of us are already working, the country provides the start and support. In my opinion, 50% of Ukrainians in Romania are engaged in volunteering. We help each other, and those who have recently moved, and refugees from other countries. In particular, from Turkey and Syria,” Hanna Shevchenko said.

She also added that aid programs from the UN, the Red Cross and other international organizations are working in Romania. “You can receive 110 euros per person for three months. Also, families with small children can receive vouchers with a fixed amount, which can be spent in the nearest stores and buy everything you need,” Hanna Shevchenko said.

As noted by psychologist and volunteer Hanna Antipova, who is currently in Moldova, this country also has support for refugees from the UN and international organizations. “In a period of 40-45 days in Moldova, you can receive 1,100 euros from the UN. There is also support from donors – the Red Cross, Caritas, and other organizations, usually found by volunteers. They issue both food and household chemicals. It is also possible to receive compensation for housing rent from donors,” Antipova said.

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