February 13, 2024, 16:02

Streamlining bureaucracy and catering to veteran needs: Key areas for state institutions’ enhancement to foster veterans’ professional advancement in civilian life

An online survey conducted by the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs revealed crucial areas for improvement within state institutions to facilitate the professional and career development of veterans transitioning into civilian life. The survey, involving both veterans and active-duty military personnel, highlighted that 79% of respondents emphasized the necessity of reducing bureaucracy, while 64.72% stressed the importance of prioritizing veterans’ needs.

These findings, presented at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform, underscore the urgent call for action in enhancing support structures for veterans. Respondents further identified the imperative to enhance the accessibility of information about available services (59.35%), institute high-quality service provisions (50.53%), broaden service offerings, including vacancies in educational programs (48.23%), and introduce digitalization of services (45.64%).

Conducted between January 15 and 25, 2024, the survey aimed to gather primary data reflecting the opinions of veterans and active-duty personnel regarding their existing needs and aspirations for career and professional growth opportunities in Ukraine.

Tap the following link for further details on the survey: https://veteranfund.com.ua/analitics/aktualni-potreby-ta-bachennia-mozhlyvostey-dlia-kar-iernoho-i-profesiynoho-zrostannia-veteraniv/

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