Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Dr. Michael Nwankpa, founding director/director of research at the Center for African conflict and development in London
August 2, 2023, 16:44

“Soft power” and more information about the destroyed grain – an expert advises how Ukraine can win Africans to its side

African governments and populations do not always have the same attitudes towards war, Ukraine and russia. This was stated by Dr. Michael Nwankpa, founding director and director of research at the Center for African conflict and development in London, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa.

In his opinion, it cannot be said that ordinary Africans do not support Ukraine. Ukraine’s main problem is that it is supported by Western states that once colonized Africa, and russian president vladimir putin tries to present himself as a fighter against neocolonialism.  

“The attitude of ordinary Africans and governments is not always the same. For example, Russia forgives the governments of authoritarian countries their debts, provides military and economic assistance, thanks to which these governments can continue to oppress their people. But ordinary people do not feel this help in any way. But China is building bridges and roads. People see this and treat China better,” – Dr. Michael Nwankpa explained.

According to the expert, Ukraine should use its “soft power” in Africa to teach students, share knowledge in medicine and the agricultural sector. 

“Also, Africa is very concerned about food supply. Droughts and climate change cannot but affect politics. If Ukraine shows how russia uses weapons against food, and especially destroys grain that was supposed to go to Africa, it will be able to change people’s attitudes and cause a very emotional reaction,” – the expert added.

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