June 30, 2023, 14:42

Since its launch, the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation hotline has processed more than 13 thousand appeals – Natalia Kalmykova

Almost 60% of the appeals received by the UVF helpline are from men. This figure shows that Ukrainian defenders understand when they need help and try to solve it through competent, friendly agencies. 

Natalia Kalmykova, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation (UVF), made the relevant report during the presentation of “The Guide for Veterans and Their Family Members” at the Media Center Ukraine – Ukrinform. 

“Almost 60% of those applying for assistance are men. This figure is very inspiring, and it shows that our defenders recognize the need for help. Help-seeking for mind wellness, they solve their problems in mental-health-friendly ways, instead of alcohol, drugs, etc.”, she emphasized.

According to Natalia Kalmykova, the age of those who call the UVF hotline is also indicative. According to her, 49% of calls come from people aged 40-60.

“We understand that these are people of mature age, people who want to be adequate. These are people who understand that in society or the unit, if they call from the unit, other people need them in a normal state, and they need themselves in a normal state first of all,” she explained.

In addition, Natalia Kalmykova noted that the most common calls are from defenders’ families. In particular, the requests related to anxiety when a loved one is at the front and does not get in touch are the case. 

Also, among the most frequent requests are those that are not purely psychological. For example, they relate to the fact that a person cannot find some documents and does not know how to draw them up, and this, in turn, leads to stress.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation provides crisis support to anyone who needs it. The Foundation’s lifeline operates in an emergency mode. Call 0 800 33 20 29.

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